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in Hamburg St-Georg and Stuttgart West



Appointments for the Salon Excentric in Stuttgart 2017

From Monday, the 30th of January until Sunday the 12th of February.

From Monday, the 27th of February until Sunday the 12th of March.

From Monday, the 27th until Thursday the 30th of March. 

From the middle of April regularly from Monday to Friday fixed in Salon Excentric in Stuttgart. Apart from a few weeks, where I’m staying in Hamburg.

Appointments in Hamburg 2017

From Thursday the 18th until Sunday the 29th of January

From Monday the 13th until Sunday 26th of February.

From Monday the 13th until Sunday the 22th of March.

From Monday the 3rd until Friday the 7th April.

From Saturday the 6th until Friday the 12th of May

From Saturday, the 24th until Friday the 30th of Juli 2017


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Sensual, dominant and sadistic discovery can you experience with me:

Monday until Friday in the time between 11am and 20pm, when you have got a previous appointment.

For spontaneous appointments you find actual information every day on the German front page.

My address at the studio ‘Rex’ in Hamburg is:

Brenner Straße 76 – 20099 Hamburg – phone 0049 – 179 – 3848854

The address from ‘Salon Excentric’ in Stuttgart  is in that area:

70197 Stuttgart  (please ask me on telephone für the name of the street)

My phone number is:

0049 – 179-3848854

My E-Mail is:



Prices for “experienced sessions” and BDSM massages are depending on studio and your budget, let’s talk about:

round ° EUR 120-150,- / 30 minutes

round ° EUR 200-260,-  / 1 hour

round ° EUR 300,- / 1,5 hours

Overnight with session:

between 500€ and 800€

Prices for counseling: 

° EUR 80€ / 1 Stunde